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Welcome to Long Island Modular Homes, the Long Island New York based modular home construction company .  Our goal is to provide the highest quality and energy efficient home buildingin the most cost effective manner. Long Island Modular Homes are built with the highest level of standard specifications creating extraordinary value for our homebuyers. As modular home builders we offer new home construction from traditional to modern, modular additions including second stories, and wholesale direct shipment.  The following information will further describe the products and services that Long Island Modular Homes has to offer you.

Modular home construction is one of the fastest growing segments of the residential construction industry.  Buyers are increasingly realizing the advantages of modular custom home building and home additions. The reason for this is because modular homes are built better, faster, and stronger than conventional stick built homes. Modular construction is built in a manufacturing environment enhancing quality and energy efficiency. Modular construction, which is not effected by weather conditions, allows the factory to control labor, supplies, and waste.  As a result these cost savings are in turn passed on to you, the customer.  Custom modular home construction is the most cost and energy efficient way to build.

Our products include new construction of modular homes, factory direct shipments, and modular additions. Due to our success and factory volume we can offer direct shipments at wholesale prices. This means you will be getting the highest quality custom built homes at the best possible prices. Long Island Modular Homes is the foremost provider of custom modular homes and custom modular home additions on Long Island NY and the surrounding areas.

 Custom homes are priced base upon actual drawings and specifications. There are no credits and upgrades. Our services include drawings and floor plans, cost benefit analysis, simple set pricing options, permitting, construction scheduling, and site work. Trust your modular home construction to the modular home experts. Long Island Modular Homes and its employees have a strong history as a  custom home construction company dedicated to high quality home construction and total client satisfaction.

Modular construction is the smarter way to build.  The latest innovations in modular building technology have made it possible to build a stronger, more energy efficient home or addition in a shorter time frame than most stick builders.  Whether you are looking to build a modular home or add onto your existing home, Long Island Modular Homes Inc. can help you to complete your project with less stress than ever imagined.  We are a full service builder that operates throughout Long Island and New York. 

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