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Please ask us about converting your stick built plans into modular building systems


Long Island Modular Homes is a leader in custom wholesale modular homes.  Save both time and money with sweat equity.  We will design, engineer, identify build specifications & options,  manufacturer and deliver your modular home for you to finish.

We can also arrange for a set crew and crane. Please call us for design & pricing consultation.

Additional sub contractor attainment and consulting services are available                  

Please see our specifications, green building products, and floor plans (over 600)

The following is an example of a modular building schedule and completion task list.

Land and Lot Evaluation
  • Assess site for modular accessibility
  • Do a perk test if necessary
  • Verify that the survey has been updated within the last two years
Choose a standard modular design or create a custom modular design. After a concept has been agreed upon the design will be engineered and converted into building plans for permitting purposes. The plans will include floor plans, elevations, specifications, options, electrical, plumbing and sections. It will also included all the necessary code calculations and Res Check.
File for Building Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Electrical Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Health Department [when required]
  • Road and Highway [when required]
  • Environmental/DEC [when required]
  • Application for gas or electrical service
  • Stake out underground utilities
  • Stake out foundation and set first floor elevations
Site Work
  • Excavate for foundation, septic and/or sewer
  • Pour footing and foundation [check foundation level & square
  • Install termite shield, sill plates, strapping, beams, anchor bolts and columns
  • Install footing drains and basement stone if necessary or specified
  • Install tar waterproofing
  • Verify dimensions, square and levl
  • Install fire stop 2x8 under center carry beam at marriage wall.
  • Install lally columns

Site Preparation

  • Temporary electrical service if necessary.
  • Create access road if necessary.
  • Schedule pay loader if required.
  • Schedule delivery, set crew and contingency date

Exterior Finishing

  • Install basement windows
  • Backfill foundation
  • Complete siding, fascia, soffit, shutters
  • Install chimney
  • Install gutters and leaders
  • Optional exterior finishes porches, decks, walk ways
  • Install garage doors
  • Rough (back blade) grading
  • Exterior clean up

Interior Finishing

  • Install on site insulation not included by factory
  • Install basement stairs
  • Flush up and bolt all ceiling beams as required
  • Remove temporary supports at mating walls
  • Clamp and adjust marriage walls, install metal plates at doorways
  • Cut and install filler strips for walls and floors
  • Install interior stairs and rails
  • Install and finish drywall
  • Install interior doors and adjust
  • Install attic stair trim and adjust stairs if necessary
  • Complete baseboard and casement trim work
  • Install finished flooring
  • Install ship loose items left out to allow for electrical, plumbing, or flue access
  • Blend Painting
  • Install appliances

Electrical Completion  
   Plumbing Completion       HVAC Completion   Fireplace and Metalbestos Flues Completion


  • Create and finish punch list
  • Final clean up - removal of dumpster and toilet
  • Final walk through with homeowner
  • Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Home owner occupancy

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